The Anchor Walberswick


Within five miles of the Anchor we are blessed with a larder rich in game which last year included Chinese Water Deer, Muntjac and superb red deer. Partridge and pheasant are shot regularly as are mallard and teal with occasional woodcock and snipe. Rabbit is abundant and hare occasional. The Chantrys graze their well bred sheep on fields with breathtaking views of the Blyth estuary and may attempt some salt marsh lamb in the near future. The Butlers rear excellent free range pork in Blythburgh and in nearby Wenhaston and Thorington the Barhams and Chantrys respectively rear the justly famed ‘Red Poll’ beef. Our principal butcher, Cleveleys, produces a range of very good sausages.

From West Mersea we take oysters, natives and rocks from Richard Haward of ‘The Company Shed’ fame along with clams. The North Norfolk coast yields sweet, delectable mussels from Brancaster and crabs from Cromer. Cod is being caught in good numbers by the in-shore fishermen and exciting Sea Bass line caught fishing regularly produces 4-8lb beauties for the table. Skate and slip soles have been good this year and we look forward to the return of the herring in the autumn. Lowestoft’s fish smoking traditions are best illustrated by the iconic ‘Red Herring’, long smoked with innards in situ and even tastier when carrying roe.

At Rendham in the upper Alde Valley David and Colette Strachan of Marybelle are real food heroes producing top quality crème fraiche, yoghurt, milk and cream and a range of ice creams.

Jason & Katharine Salisbury in Coddenham farm a herd of Guernseys and are having fun with Suffolk Blue and Gold cheeses. Margaret Reeve of Church Farm, Friston presides over a robotically controlled milking parlour for her herd of Friesians and makes a firm waxed cheese Buxlow Paigle (a dialect word for cowslip) and the delicious curd cheese ‘Wonmil’. Added to nettles it makes a delicious stuffing for ravioli.

From further afield a love affair with Colston Bassett Blue Stilton means this Nottinghamshire classic is always on the menu and our organic cheddar is supplied by the ever Greens of Glastonbury.

We have just harvested crops of local apples ,pears and peaches for chutney and jam making and will be looking forward to elderberry and rowan jellies, damson jam and sloe gin.

Breads naan, pizza dough are all made at the Anchor mainly from Chelmsford miller Marriage & Sons flours but also occasionally from Letheringsett Mill, Norfolk and William & Miranda Kendall’s Maple Farm flour from Theberton just down the road.

Chocolate is invariably from the great producer in the Rhône Valley – Valrhona.

Coffee – our coffee is supplied by Jeremy Torz at Union Coffee Roasters in Canning Town London. Jeremy used to advise Starbucks and Seattle Coffee before striking out on his own in 2001. The founding principle was to “delight customers with the most exceptional quality coffee sourced at fair and sustainable prices from the farmers we work with…” The quality and freshness of their coffees is exceptional and we use their ‘Revelation’ (used to be ‘Revolution’) blend by the cup and their blend of Rwandan Arabica beans for cafetières.

Supplier List: February 2010


Adnams Beer/Wine/Spirits 01502 727 200
Suffolk Heritage Orchards Apple Juice 01449 740 478 


Alde Valley Foods Lamb 07789 857 818
Blythburgh Free Range Pork Pork 01986 873 298
Burrages Wild Vension 01508 483 943
Cleveleys Butcher 01986 782 241
Clarkes Butcher 01986 784 795
Forkin' Pork  Pork & sausages 07774 458 451
Sutton Hoo Chicken 01394 386 797
Wild Meat Co. Wild Boar and Game 01728 663 211
Julian Warren Game 07957 730 700
Rupert Chantry
Peacock Farm, Thorington
Lamb & Root Vegetables & Red Poll Beef 01986 784 588


Richard Haward Oysters Oysters, Palourdes and Clams 01206 383 284


Wangford Farm Shop Green Grocer &Fruitsellers 01728 830 362
Maple Farm Fresh Organic Produce 01728 652 000


Marybelle Dairy Ice Cream, Milk, Yoghurt 01986 784 658
Suffolk Cheeses Cheese; Suffolk Blue & Suffolk Gold 07787 584 386
01449 710458
Friston, Church Farm Cheese; Buxlow Paigle & Buxlow Wonmill 01728 688 310


Greens of Glastonbury

Cheese; Colston Bassett, Blue Stilton, Mature Organic Cheddar 01458 834 414


Freshpac Teas and Coffees Teas and Coffee 01986 873 410
Suma Wholefoods   0845 458 2291
Union Coffee Coffee, Hot Chocolate 02074 748 990
Tuck Shop Walberswick   01502 723 025
Real Crisps Crisps 01495 241 960
Foxtail Lily  Flowers 01502 723 761
Marriages Muesli, Flour  
Suffolk Heritage Orchards Organic Apple juice

01449 740 478


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