The Anchor Walberswick

The Greening of

The Anchor

 We have completed phase two of our 'green plans' to achieve:

- Two solar panels for hot water;
- Three new, energy efficient boilers;

- Garden chalets with newly re-covered roofs and clad in eco timber Canadian cedar;

- New double glazed windows and doors from Leiston master joiner Colin Brooks;

- Almost all gutters take rainwater to old whisky and sherry butts, giving us over 1300 gallons of stored water for the garden;

- We have used slate from Somerset House, London in the barn for flooring, shelving and for cheese plates;

- Groynes from Southwold to protect the terrace

- Oyster shells as mock flint/decorative details in our walls;

- We are composting all vegetable trimmings and grass cuttings for allotment and mulching;

- We have extended the rock gardens to minimise evaporation

- We have replanted native hedging to give sanctuary to birds and insects. We have bird and bat boxes in the garden

- We have planted sea buckthorn, a 'superfood' for chefs to use

- In 2015 we grew our own Fuggles hops for harvesting in 2016 and use in our brewing projects

- We hope to install photo voltaics on the roof and harvest energy to sell back to the grid