The Anchor Walberswick

The Greening of The Anchor

We have replaced all three water and heating boilers with modern, energy efficient models
Four solar panels
All garden chalets and almost all of main building converted to low energy bulbs

Chalet blocks insulated to death and clad in lovely eco timber Canadian cedar

Almost all gutters take rainwater to 12x108 gallon ex whisky and sherry butts, giving us over 1200 gallons of stored water for the garden;

We have used slate from Somerset House, London in the barn for flooring and for cheese plates;

Barn roof has been rebuilt and insulated and flooring insulated and heated;

Groynes from Southwold to protect the terrace;

Oyster shells as mock flint/decorative details in our walls & our outdoor wood fired oven;

We recycle all glass bottles & offer our recylcing bins to the villagers to encourage recycling;

We are composting all vegetable trimmings and grass cuttings for allotment and mulching;

We grow beans, courgettes, squashes, artichokes, rhubarb, horseradish and herbs in the allotment and herbs in the garden;

We operate a barter system with other allotment holders and take their produce in return for meals;

We have extended the rock gardens to minimise evaporation etc.

We have replanted native hedging to give sanctuary to birds and insects and we have bird and bat boxes in the garden;

We are planting quince and apple in the in-fill gaps in the garden;

We have installed solar panels on the roof.